Designs & Project Management

Innov Composites

Our professional technical design and engineering team will turn any of your composite manufacturing projects into reality.

Using computer aided design, finite element analysis and 3D printing fast prototyping, we are able to assure our customer's confidence in the design of the part before moving towards manufacturing.
We are equipped with FRP analysis equipment which allows us to validate your products before the expedition.

Computer aided design capacity
Finite element analysis of components
Destructive testing equipment
Rapid prototyping capabilities with 3D printers

Innov Composites

Our efficient team will lead your project from idea to manufacturing and is dedicated to support you in every way with an open communication approach.

Helping you choose the best fabrication method for your project
Managing your project schedule and priorities
Managing vendors along the development process and other support services

Innov Composites

Innov Composites Inc. The First Atlantic Canada based FRP Pultrusion manufacturer