Fabrication and Assembly

Innov Composites

Most of the structural fabrication is currently done with wood, steel or concrete which have a limited lifespan. Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) is an emerging alternative solution to these conventional materials while offering superior resistance to the elements, especially in harsh environments. As an FRP manufacturer, we are able to offer tailor made constructions that will last up to 75 years. It makes this material one of the most cost-effective ways to build a structural project.

FRP Fabricated system advantages:
Light: FRP is 25% the weight of steel, 10% the weight of concrete and 70% the weight of Aluminum.
Durable: FRP will resist chemicals and weathering which gives them a long lifespan for an outdoor environment use of the product.
Design Flexibility: We can produce FRP in practically any shape or form.
Installation: Installation of FRP can be done much faster than precast concrete. The low weight also makes FRP safer for the installation crew.

Type of fabricated structure
Stairs Handrails Decking
Panels Seawalls/Retaining walls Cable tray
Pipe supports Solar racking system Bridge Components

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